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Committed to our patients and their families
St. Markoss HospiceThe Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Practicing the specialty of family medicine
  • Transportation for hospice patients

    St. Markoss Hospice will help you relocate your loved ones with a high level of sensitivity and specialized care during transit.

    Hospice care at home

    Our service is brought to patients anywhere they call home, including assisted living communities or nursing homes.

  • Significant team of professionals

    St. Markoss Hospice ensures all our caring team members work hard towards providing support and comfort to each and every patient.

    Patient’s medical insurance

    Hospice care is usually is covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, HMOs, and most private insurance carriers. Hospice is usually free of cost to hospice patients..


Our interdisciplinary team is made up of trained caregivers who put individual patient and family needs. The St. Markoss Hospice team will visit the patients periodically to monitor changed in their condition. Our staff is ready to provide companionship for you and your ill loved one anytime. We can also assist in meal preparation and basic cleaning and housekeeping so you and your loved one will not have to deal with it. Personal care, respite care, and care for those with special needs, Alzheimer’s, and dementia are also available through us.

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St. Markoss Hospice, Inc. provides all the necessary medical and support services to manage the patioent’s life limiting illnesses, including:

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