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About Us

Our Location
5301 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #226
Valley Village, CA 91607
Our certificates
St. Markoss Hospice, Inc. certified by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Providing care
24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week
Our mission
  • Our mission is to improve quality of life and provide comfort and dignity for people with life-limiting illnesses. We will support the individual’s choice on how and where to spend their remaining days.

    We do all of the coordinating.

    We set up the home visits when you request, we always ensure that your entire hospice team knows what is going on.

St. Markoss Hospice, Inc.

Professional Team

Our professionals will help to reduce your loved ones discomfort and high financial burden of medical costs and hospitalizations. St.Markoss Hospice, Inc. has been trusted by families in Los Angeles County since 2019. Our team of compassionate experts in hospice care is at no cost to you! Our organization extends support to bereaved loved ones of hospice patients and community members in Valley area and majority part of Greater Los Angeles.

St. Markoss Hospice, Inc. currently serves 3 Major counties in Southern California, namely Los Angeles, Orange County and San Bernardino.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a philosophy of specialized care and support for people with a terminal illness and their loved ones. Hospice is about life! It focuses on quality of life rather than quantity. It emphasizes living each day to its fullest. Hospice care specializes in care for those facing a life limiting illness. But it is more than just caring for a persons’ physical needs, the social and emotional care given to a person is just as important or even more so.

Personal plan per patient

Our care is done at the patient's home or a home like facility. Our certified staff is able to provide a patient and their families with the care they need wherever they choose and whenever it is required.

Our staff is ready for you

Through our services, staff, volunteers, bereavement programs, St. Markoss Hospice, Inc. empowers people to live with hope and resilience throughout the journey with illness and loss.

We will respect your house rules and privacy. You choose how each person can assist you in the care you request.


• Shower, tub bath, or bed bath
• Dressing of the patient
• Washing hair of the patient
• Oral care or denture care for the patient
• Nail care for the patient
• Help with toileting or incontinent care
• Transferring from bed to chair or chair to bed
• Range of motion exercises
• Light housekeeping


• Collaborate with physicians to plan care
• Make frequent visits to evaluate their
• Provide support according to individual patient’s needs
• Work with caregivers to plan and execute patient care
• Help in administering medication
• Alleviate sudden symptoms of the disease’s end phase
• Notify a doctor for a patient’s condition when necessary
• Assist patients and their families with paperwork
• Maintain accurate records

Main Idea

Choosing hospice care brings profound changes to the lives of patients and their families. For patients, it's a decision to ensure the final stages of life are as peaceful and pain-free as possible.